breathe - smile - go slowly - benefits of smiling

breathe  -  smile  - go slowly

benefits of smiling

breathing in 

I calm my body and mind

breathing out 

I smile


For some people smiling has become very difficult. For various reasons they cannot smile anymore. The face has turned hard and stiff. The feeling of ease and comfort in their own body has turned unknown.

But the loss of our smile has a tremendous impact on our physical and mental well-being. 


Imagine that something as tiny and simple as a smile can help you find that incredible joy and well-being in yourself again. It is almost too good to be true. Too sweet. Smiling is very important. Smiling changes our emotions in an instant because not only does it relax the facial muscles but it releases a flow of endorphins in the nervous system which then allows a deeper sensation of release in our tissue. Endorphins are commonly known as the 'happy hormone' because they interact with your brain receptors and reduce the perception of pain and stress. These happy hormones  create an overall positive feeling in the body and are accompanied by a positive outlook on life. 


Smiling is very important. 


There are moments when we do not feel like smiling but if we do it against our will, it does not take long in order for us to brighten up and look at the whole situation in a more positive way. A smile always takes away the seriousness. If you don't believe me, try it the next time you are upset or even angry. At first you feel awkward and maybe even ridiculous because you feel so identified with the negative emotions but very soon the fascial muscles will let go and drop. And with it the negativity drops and fades away. 


Then when we have found our smile again, communication becomes easy. 


Furthermore, we have all experienced how a smile makes us feel. Usually it renders us content, happy, joyful, even ecstatic. So if a smile has this impact on me, what incredible impact will my smile bring to another person ? Maybe even the rest of the world ? 


Peace in the world begins right here. Right now. With cultivating peace within me.


Breathing in

I calm my body and mind

Breathing out

I smile 


I must not be a huge smile. Already a tiny smile bestows great release on the body and mind. And obviously a smile creates better relationships because we appear more attractive, kinder, softer thanks to the smile. And hey! it's contagious and addictive. 


Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful. 

Therefore give your smiles away because they come in a million. 



a smile is a prayer for every little cell in the body and beyond