importance of yawning

importance  of  yawning

We all do it. We yawn.

Ahhh yes, give it a yawn please! 


Most people tend to believe that we only yawn when one is tired but this is not quite true as scientific research has proven. We also yawn when we lack fresh oxygen in our body. There is still no universally accepted explanation to why we yawn, but all I know from my own practice is that yawning works magic. 


A yawn usually comes in a million. It's contagious and provides deep release in the practice. 


Yawning stretches the jaw muscles. It widens the eardrums and increases the blood flow in the face, neck and the whole skull basically. It's usually a long deep inhalation, followed by a slower exhalation providing a feeling of comfort. The deep intake of air causes the spinal fluid to flow downwards from the brain and therefore cools it. Also the inbreath cools the mouth and the stretching of the whole face releases tensions at the back of the head where it's connected to the spine. 


Yawning is something so tiny and simple but hugely efficient in undoing tensions and allows deep surrendering into relaxation. 


Therefore come and join me yawning!