meditation helps sleep disorders


There are many causes for sleep disorders and just as many treatment options.

Far too often, sufferers are prescribed sleeping pills that, although they provide new sleep at short notice, have a long-lasting, sedating effect on their sleep behavior.


Chemical sleeping pills lead to a mental and physical dependence. As sleep aids causes the brain to use the sleep hormone melatonin to help them sleep again, the consequence is that the brain ceases its own production of melatonin. Anyone who would like to discontinue the pills then falls back into the gravest sleep, because the body has forgotten how to sleep "on its own". The brain has become so used to the chemically added sleep hormone that it no longer produces its own melatonin.


In addition, sleeping pills often lead to strong mood swings and can cause depression.


But how else to go back to a long and healthy sleep?


First and foremost, it is important to identify the cause of the problem because only then can the problem be eliminated long-term and at its root.


Many yoga students who have entered the menopause, unfortunately often suffer from sleep disorders. I recommend to keep calm because even if the problem is extremely annoying and exhausting, your own healthy sleep rhythm will settle again after a few months.


Often it is the fear itself of not sleeping that robs you of sleep. Already the anticipated fear of "waking up" again during the night and lying awake for hours releases a state of stress in the subconscious and thus in the nervous system, which in turn releases cortisol and adrenaline in the brain. These hormones raise blood pressure and prevent deep, peaceful sleep.


Tips for a healthy sleep rhythm


There are a few simple tips and tricks that can promote healthy sleep:

- Remove light sources

- Switch off noise sources

- banish all technical devices such as mobile phones, tablets and Co. out of the room

- Switch off the mobile phone overnight

- At best, switch off wifi

- if necessary wear eye mask and/or earplugs


However, regular meditation in particular promotes sound sleep and improves sleep quality, even if you do not suffer from sleep problems. Of course, it does not work immediately like a sleeping pill when you take it for the first time but the regular silence meditation breaks down stress hormones, relieves muscle tension, slows down the pulse and brings peace to the monkey mind. And on the long run, meditation renders you really content, happy, and vital. 


After just two weeks, the first successes and changes in the body are noticeable. Of course, it takes time for the meditation techniques to be embodied and for the full effects to show their power but just 20 minutes a day unleash the first miracles.


Would you like to learn meditation ?

Would you like to sleep well again and wake up refreshed and happy in the morning ?

Or when was the last time that felt really happy ? 


Then contact me because I'm here for you.