Asthma - Breathe to Cure

asthma - breathe to cure

Due to environmental pollution, lack of movement, lack of fresh air and ongoing stress, people all over the world are increasingly suffering from respiratory diseases, especially asthma. According to the WHO, over 250 million people currently suffer from asthma.


Despite external factors, asthma can also be a psychosomatic symptom caused by various reasons like stress, grief or overstrain, most of them referring to a lack of air or space to breathe and express oneself. Hence, it is incredible to see, how some clients cure their asthma by changing their life situations.


Generally, the cause for asthma is a hypersensitivity of the respiratory organism, which attributes to various causes, such as an allergy or genetic inheritance. Also tightness in the chest or an overstrain of the thoracic spine results in squeezing the house of the lungs and consequently restricts breathing.


The result is a chronic inflammation in the lung lopes, which leads to a narrowing of the respiratory airways. Increased mucus production can occur and causes shortness of breath, coughing fits and whistling breath. As a result, many people suffer from repetitive or chronic bacterial respiratory infections, which in turn worsen asthma.


A natural, flowing breath is essential to good health because the intake of oxygen nourishes all the cells in our body and keeps the body accurately functioning. Our physical body is a collection of different systems that all work for the body's survival and well-being. Fresh oxygen is of the highest value for our vitality and well-being. Through the blood, oxygen is transported to each little cell, which is collected in tissues, tissue which is arranged into organs and which form a body system. A high amount of fresh oxygen is essential for our human life because it is food for the body keeping us vital and alive. 


Also, the reduced intake of fresh oxygen results in general fatigue, low energy or even depression.


Imagine, how shall the body function well and happily if there is only a limited intake of fresh oxygen with each breath?

And imagine how the quality of the new air streaming in the body is if your time is only spent in closed spaces most of the time?


Besides, weak breathing results in hardened connective tissue around the chest, our house of the lungs. Breathing evokes movement in the body. The ripples of the movement resonate as gentle vibrations through the whole membranes of the body, from the crown of the head down the spine, all the way out to the soles of your feet and out through the palms and tips of your hands.

Just imagine: When an earthquake happens, a solid concrete house is much more likely to crack and collapse instead of natural construction built with wood, bricks and robes, which can shake with the forces. 


Breath therapy, with its different techniques and exercises, is scientifically recognised as an efficient way to milden the symptoms and the attacks, and in the long run, even cure the illness. Breathing is a kind and natural way to transform the body from the inside, going with the body and its potential instead of forcing. Learning to slow down the breathing rhythm and learning to breathe solemnly through the nostrils allows asthma to disappear gradually. Also, touch is an essential tool because it helps to loosen body parts that have fallen numb and that are hard to access from within. With the help of spinal undulations to widen the breath, there comes the point when the whole body starts breathing. Anxieties and nervousness are going to disappear as a result. Once we learn to breathe with the entire body, we enter a very precious way of being. When it happens, it is a miracle. This is the place where the self-healing power of our body is accessed and where we become life itself. 


Do you have asthma? 

Don't worry, through an 8-week program filled with stimulating breathing exercises; I can teach you how to free yourself from this uncomfortable, constraining condition and rejoice life and outside activities again, free of fear or restrictions. 


Let's start now! 


~ each breath is a prayer to your body ~