Leidest Du unter Asthma? Lerne Atmen und verbesse nicht nur Deinen Zustand, sondern befreie Dich vom Asthma. Lese hier wie das geht!
Blogo · 14.04.2019
Do you suffer from asthma? While causes may vary, releasing chest tension and learning to breathe can improve your condition, provide relief and even cure your asthma... read why!

Suffering from sleep disorder? Meditation and Yoga can help you find your natural sleep rhythm again.
Yoga als integrative Therapie zur Ergänzung medizinischer Behandlungen kann Krebspatienten und Überlebenden zu neuer Lebenskraft und Wohlbefinden helfen.

Schlafstörungen sind zehrend und nervtötend aber Yoga und Meditation können helfen den natürlichen Schlafrhythmus wiederzufinden.
An integrative approach to cancer can be very soothing and healing: How yoga can provide support for cancer patients and survivors.

Read about why we yawn and its benefits - it is a miracle.
Smile more. Each smile unleashes super powers. Read about its positive effects on the body and mind.

Please remember to say goodbye. It can always be our last goodbye. Though we think we are just one click away from each other...
You came all this way to find happiness? Yes, why not? Then read this!

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