b r e a t h   t h e r a p y

"As water purifies your skin, so the breath is capable of cleaning your whole being."

- Sandra Sabatini -

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each breath is a gift 

the most beautiful gift indeed 

since it cannot be taken


breathing is our most powerful medicine


whether you suffer from a disease, allergies, asthma, 

breathlessness, hypertension

or a momentary illness

breath therapy is a way to unleash your inner healing powers


one-to-one, body-to-body

individual sessions only

space is offered to meet your body and its breathing

one of our most mysterious functions, is the breath

we cannot do it

it is being done

it is a mystery

it is the essence to life and beyond


therefore reconnect with your breath

"The breath is a wonder drug"

- TKS Desikachar -