Relax & Rejuice in Silence

7-days Retreat with 5 days in silence

(exact dates & location follow asap)



Immersed in the mountains in a simple house and inspired by nature's wisdom, we take a journey inward, reconnecting with ourselves. Yoga and meditation is provided in the morning and evening, as well as a walking meditation in the afternoon. You are free to explore the environment or just rest tucked in nature's arms. We all embrace silence for 5 days and respect contemplation to rest and restore our mind and body. Our explorations will be supported with clean, vegetarian food, locally harvested or juice fasting on request.

max. 10 participants - register now


For further informations, please e-mail me.


Heidegger meets Buddhism

(more infos will follow by April)


In collaboration with Dr. Harald Seubert, professor of philosophy at the Theological University of Basel and chairman of the Heidegger foundation, we offer the study of Heidegger's phenomenology in regard to meditation and mindfulness. We take the meditation practice off the cushion, practicing mindfulness while eating, walking and playing, all with lots of breathing, yoga and an academic touch.

max. 18 participants


For further information, please e-mail me. 




New drop-ins in Zuoz and Zürich will be announced in April because I am currently in India for training.

Please check in with me via email. Thank you. 

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