Do you feel stressed, tired or sad all the time?

Are you unhappy with your current life?

Do you miss intimacy?


Do you want to learn how to meditate?

Are you struggling with finding comfort in your meditation?


I have been there too and I have felt shit for years.

I felt depressed, was afraid of personal touch, living the life of an icicle, quit art academy due to obsessive self-doubts and a self-destructive behaviour, as well as being emotionally unstable and impulsive because of childhood traumas.


But I cured all that with the art of meditation and mindfulness. When I finally found meditation, I was struggling for years to find a comfortable sitting position, let alone experience joy and peace in meditation.


This has all changed and after all those years I have become the woman I want to be and live the life I wish for. And you can achieve your dreams as well!


My philosphy is simple: Befriend yourself, deepen your relationship with your body and your mind. Regular meditation will naturally help you increase your awareness of what you want, like and learn to set boundaries. It will teach you to become more present in the now, the present moment, the one and only moment because we never know if tomorrow will come. We only have the now and peace of mind is peace in the heart and will spread into love inside and out.





8 week meditation coaching program


Life has taught me that mindfulness is the key to lasting joy and makes me live the life I really love and longed for.


This program is not a pre-defined course: Instead we keep re-assessing your current life situation, set tangible goals and tailor the course to your needs and developments. The course includes regular 1-on-1 sessions, exercises, a free work book and e-mail support during those eight weeks. This course is based on real 1-to-1, hands-on sessions.


I do not believe in a quick fix but in a holistic approach to achieve fundamental changes in the body and mind. A quiet mind can only rest in a peaceful painfree body. To get there, my tools include Hatha Yoga and Feldenkrais exercises for physical tension release and mobilisation, as well as regular life coaching to untangle old patterns, and with the helpers of breath, sound and meditation we discover the magic of the present moment and how our emotions come and go like clouds in the sky.


The present moment is the most wonderful moment because it's that feeling that renders us alive and that allows all our potential to unfold.


I teach free from any spiritual or religious tradition. My religion is love and I trust that peace within us brings peace within the world.


"Don't believe what your eyes are telling you. All they show is limitation.

Look with your understanding, find out what you already know.

And you'll see the way to fly."

- Richard Bach: Jonathan Livingston Seagull -