Discover the power of stillness

yoga • breath therapy • meditation • coaching



hear your breath

you are life


my main focus lies on temporary travels into the poetry of the body 

peeling off the external layers 

to enter a deeper dialogue with the breath, Mother Earth and gravity

strong as a mountain

free as a river

flowing through life


my approach implies gentleness, softness and simplicity to undo tensions

movement frees the body

meditation clears the mind

breathing undoes knots

sound harmonizes the soul

discover a well of infinte peace and joy within yourself


in a time of constant rushing, self-improvement and competitiveness

I offer a space where you can simply be

and accept what is


yoga is for everyone 

no age, health or physical restrictions


I teach in German, English, French and Italian

Yoga should not be a training for body control; on the contrary,

it must bring freedom to the body,

all the freedom it needs. 

Freedom is order in both body and mind.

- Vanda Scaravelli "Awakening the Spine" 1991, p.56 - 


Do you feel stressed, drained, tired or overwhelmed? 

Do you feel like running the rat race and want to break free?

Do you miss intimate connections with others?

Do you want more calm and tranquility?