Breathe you are life

breathing out I exhale with my whole body 

breathing in my whole body inhales 



I share a yoga without a fancy name, without rigid instructions, prescriptions, goals or orders. It was not easy to let go of instructions but with time and acceptance, the disharmony became harmony. Expressing my body's own song, living in my own rhythm: The body is no longer a mere instrument to pursue a pose or a standard, and I have found an unanticipated joy in meditation.


My approach combines the three pillars of breath, gravity and spine inspired by Vanda Scaravelli. 

This means: Based on meeting the natural breath, entering into contact with the Earth - the ground supporting us constantly - paired with exercises to increase spinal flexibility and growing feet, the body's intelligence awakens and its personal rhythm is met. This allows a kind, harmless way to explore and unfold into asanas.


What truly matters is no longer the pose but the whole journey that takes the practicioner inward and out again.  


The focus lies on exploring your body and your mind, allowing all possibilities, simply let be what could be. I follow the wisdom of the sea: Every moment is a natural happening, perfect as it is, just like a wave rolling up the shore and fading away. 


Therefore, I stay away from too much structure, equipment and rules, not teaching sequences. Instead, I share a method that can be translated into daily life off the yoga mat, learning to trust your intuition. 


All I offer is guidance learning to breathe naturally and explore the unknown. Aware breathing is our root of being, a very powerful medicine and tool to undo tensions. Only when we stop fighting our body and mind, it lets go and follows naturally. When we allow kindness in, we become more sensitive and this means more alive.

Then freedom can be


Loads of breathing, along with playing on the ground like starfishes, lizards, rocking, rolling, widening, lengthening... often initiating the class with Feldenkrais exercises to facilitate joint mobilisations and then possibly flowing into asanas. Traditionally, all asanas serve the aim to sit comfortably and content in meditation. Therefore, every class ends with a silent meditation.



"Yoga is a living process that changes moment by moment. We have to be with it day and night, feel it in each instant of our existence. Truth, like love, cannot be demonstrated, or explained, or offered. It is there with all its immensity around us filling all space. One only has to look. And to be aware." 

- Vanda Scaravelli "Awakening the Spine" 1991, p. 68 -





individual lesson

Private sessions alone, for partners or with a friend are the most beneficial way to find your very own yogic practice. One-on-one and body-to-body, the lesson is custom tailored to your needs and your body's potential. They are suitable for everyone, also if you have health issues, other specific requirements like time and location, or when the "class thing" just isn't for you.


One-on-one is the best way to discover yourself and establish a sustainable, long lasting practice outside of the yoga class... 


I invite you to my home Zuoz, a charming mountain village elevated at 1700m, placed in the heart of Engadin near St. Moritz, one of the most attractive regions in Switzerland. The region offers plenty of sport, cultural and food attractions, as well as big lakes, nature parks and secret spirit places to explore.


This region offers a perfect yoga setting because it's not polluted, grounded in nature and quiet.


Small group drop-ins of max. 6 people in order to give everyone special attention to meet their body because there is not the one yoga for everybody. Yoga is a very personal practice.

My aim is to help you develop your own home practice. 


If you are interested in organizing a workshop in your city, for work, friends or a group, please e-mail me because I am very grateful for every opportunity!