B R E A T H E  T O   B E   A L I V E

breathing out I exhale with my whole body 

breathing in my whole body inhales 

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Thanks to my current teacher Sandra Sabatini, 

I discovered a  new yoga.


A yoga without a fancy name, without rigid instructions, goals or orders. It was not easy to let go of instructions but with time and accepting the disharmony, the body was no longer a mere instrument to pursue a pose or a standard.


I stopped imposing and dropped the violence against myself, gulping for air I missed forever. I learnt to breathe, to really breathe, and then indescribable things happened. Wave like little miracles showed up all over the body. Heavy stones falling away, sleepy eyes popped open and something started to breathe me. And above I have encountered an unanticipated joy in meditation.


My continuous explorations have shown me that all movement initiates from breathing and the support of Mother Earth. With an increasingly flexible spine and happy feet, the whole body feels not only more enlived but wholesomely connected and receptive. Our spine is like a stalk of bamboo with nodes through which air and body strokes can stream through. 


Aware breathing is our root of being, a very powerful medicine and tool to undo tensions. Only when we stop fighting our body and mind, then it lets go and follows naturally. When we allow kindness in, we become more sensitive and this means more alive. And then freedom can become

What kind of yoga do I share ?

My approach is based on meeting the natural breath while entering into contact with the Earth, aiming at an increasingly flexible spine and growing feet. I usually initiate with Feldenkrais exercises to undo tensions and facilitate the explorations of yoga asanas. 


Playing like starfishes, rolling, lengthening... possibly flowing into asanas. All asanas serve the aim to sit comfortably and content in silence meditation.


What matters is not the pose but the whole journey.


I stay away from too much structure, equipment and rules, not teaching sequences, because every body is different and has individual needs. Every movement is a natural happening, perfect as it is, just like a wave rolling up the shore and fading away.

All I offer is guidance to explore the unknown.


"Yoga is a living process that changes moment by moment. We have to be with it day and night, feel it in each instant of our existence. Truth, like love, cannot be demonstrated, or explained, or offered. It is there with all its immensity around us filling all space. One only has to look. And to be aware." 

- Vanda Scaravelli "Awakening the Spine" 1991, p. 68 -


What to expect from my class: Loads of breathing, meeting your body with your own touch, rolling on the ground and unfolding into asanas paired with other inspirations.





c l a s s e s

I only teach individuals or small groups because there is not the one yoga for everybody. 

I prefer a personal relationship. 

If you are interested in organizing a regular class, please contact me. 

It’s a blessing to work together.

individual   lesson

Individual or semi-individual sessions: I invite you to this charming mountain village Lohn GR at 1600m height placed in the heart of this well preserved nature park Beverin, which offers a perfect yoga setting. 

Private sessions alone, for partners or in a friend's group, are the most beneficial way to find your very own yogic practice. One-on-one and body-to-body, the lesson is custom tailored to your personal needs and your body's potential. It's truly the best way to discover yourself and establish a sustainable, long lasting practice outside of the yoga class...

w o r k s h o p s

in planning...

If you are interested in organizing a workshop in your city, for work, friends or a group, please e-mail me because I am very grateful for every opportunity!