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breath therapy

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hear your breath 

you are life


as a qualified yoga teacher and student of sandra sabatini

my main focus lies on temporary travels into the poetry of the body


peeling off the external layers 

to enter a deeper dialogue with mother earth, gravity and breath

reconnecting to the fluids in our body


my approach implies softness, gentleness and simplicity to undo tension

discovering a spring of ease and vitality


in a time of constant rushing, self-improvement and competitiveness

I offer a space to simply be and accept what is


yoga is for everyone 

no age, health or physical restrictions


Yoga should not be a training for body control; on the contrary,

it must bring freedom to the body,

all the freedom it needs. 

Freedom is order in both body and mind.

- Vanda Scaravelli "Awakening the Spine" 1991, p.56 - 

children  philosophers

Exploring mind spaces with children of all ages. Starting expeditions around the big questions. This supports thought-speech-processus with an open outcome, free from constraints and judgments. Deeply convinced that our time needs rethinking, children may provide the answers once we learn to ask and listen. 


On request

walk  with  me

After a busy day, I invite you to join us for walking meditation along the Zürich lake, practicing silence and ending with a seated meditation at the Chinese Garden... 


Every wednesday at 18.30

At Bellevue / Utoquai

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